IN FLAMES dámska parfumovaná voda

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"Behind every successful man there stands a woman" people say... IN FLAMES by LA RIVE brings you a perfect scent for such a powerful women. Get to know this amazing fragrance mosaic, and find out more about everlasting women’ strength, their embracing power of seduction, and all of the determination to reach their goals. Original nature of aquatic and amber notes empowered by scents of pineapple, jasmine and heliotrope finds its fullness with subtle accents of vanilla, fresh hazelnut and rose. That aromatic fusion will take you to the world of powerful femininity. Can you feel it? Highlight it with the right fragrance!


hlava: pomaranč, lieskový orech

srdce: ananas, santalové drevo, jazmín, melón, exotické ovocie, ruža, haliotrop


základ: ambra, kokos, vanilka, suché drevo


inšpirované vôňou Paco Rabanne / Olympéa

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