La Rive EDP Pearl 75 ml

Typ vôneovocné - citrusové a drevité 
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Kolekcia - SWAROVSKI

La Rive Pearl dámska parfumovaná voda 75 ml

You like intriguing? You make an impression of a subtle woman, but you know the power that lies dormant in you? Yes. This is you... You are like summer wind in the morning, which gently strokes the surroundings with your cheerful charm... We have created this composition for you – it is a floral fragrance, uniquely intense, which is like a memory of a walk in the garden filled with flowers and ripe fruit. At first, the composition is citrus, but later it fades and exposes a rich heart, full of lilies of the valley, roses, and peaches, laid on sandalwood, sage and musk. When you wear this fragrance, you will feel a surge of energy and optimism, which will stay with you all day long. This is an inspiring composition for an inspiring woman, a key to a secret garden. Will you enter it?...

hlava: bergamot, citrón, čierne ríbezle

srdce: konvalinka, petitgrain, ruža, broskyňa, kašmír

základ: santalové drevo, pižmo, šalvia

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