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BRAVE – new, intriguing proposition of fragrance for men from LA RIVE. This is a composition which is a symbol of male energy and the power of nature, getting inspiration from the best traditions of men’s fragrances. Its timeless character and the influence are attributed to the combination of two seemingly antagonistic elements… Explore the power of vibrating with the internal energy aromas of grapefruit and refreshing sea notes in an extraordinary combination with simply addictive sensuality of guaiac tree, amber and patchouli notes. This fragrance is like a laurel of victory for a man with an unusual attraction.


hlava: grapefruit, mandarínka, sviežosť mora

srdce: jazmín, bobkový list

základ: strom guaiac (strom života, sväté drevo), dubový mach, pačuli, sivý jantár


inšpirované vôňou Paco Rabanne / Invictus


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